New Hampshire Evening

Dinnertime and the edge
Of the whole western sky carries color
From faded apricot to muted pinks
That soften and blend
Up into palest gray.
It’s now truly dusk;
The snow no longer white but
Dull blue-gray the brain records as white.
How black the pines look,
How stark the maples held against that sky.
Quiet and cold the evening comes,
Walking into night.
We turn our backs to the window
To face the tiny stars of candles.

Poem by Jaki Sawyer

Jaki Sawyer has always loved poetry and has been writing for many years. After living in northern Alberta until she was 39, Jaki moved to New Hampshire, USA, took a number of writing classes, and joined a writing group that met for ten years. Five years ago, she retired to Kelowna, British Columbia. Jaki has continued to write poetry, and is a member of several writing groups in the Kelowna area.

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