Yellow butterflies, enlighten

our view, there –

here – over there, float.

Random sightings, light –

airy – mellow.

Never seen before

time, shaded brilliant

hues. Mosaic Monarchs

near October’s denser

air, and time to go.

Yellow butterfly, luminous

reliable wing spread

chosen- breath of spirit

into nature’s cloudless fold.

– Tracy Duffy

Tracy writes poetry about life and nature. Her motif ‘Praying Petals’ (MY HOMEGROWN POETRY AND SOME OF LIFE’S WEEDS), is inspired by a digital photo of an Iris. Published in Changes, The Magazine for Personal Growth; Bacopa, Writers Alliance Gainesville; P’AN KU, The BCC Student Literary/Arts Magazine.


  1. Phoebe is a small, light, yellow butterfly. In our family a Phoebe shows up often, lifting our spirits and was very present during the loss of a special person.


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