Saint Modomnoc (c. 550 A.D.)

If by touching a wave, I should change
then likely the wave also changes
If by staring at stars of vast range
this world through my eye rearranges

When the world followed me as I sang
I sang ’til alone and kept singing
Until waters from rock with life sprang
like startling flocks that bolt winging

As my Domnoc set sail across sea
to pollinate Christ on each shore
What he brought besides honey and bee
would cause us to hunger no more

A student and disciple of St. David of Wales, Modomnoc eventually returned to County Kilkenny, Ireland, bringing with him the skill of raising hive bees. He is known to have brought the bees from Wales to Ireland. Most of his life is known to us through the life of Saint David.

By Ronnie Smith

Ronnie Smith grew up in Baltimore, MD and Chicago, IL. He attended Loyola University, Maryland earning a B.A. He traveled the world as a military aviator which inspired his writing. He’s been published in The Evansville Review, The New York Times, The Wisconsin Review, among others. See Ronnie’s website here:

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