Tiny Seed Journal is an all-volunteer-run nonprofit journal. Submission fees go towards keeping our small nonprofit journal vibrant & online!

Tiny Seed Culture Statement:
We embody intentional inclusivity by honoring every individual and their various ways of expressing their appreciation of nature. We aim to support emerging artists by creating a welcoming and professional platform that empowers and inspires artists to reflect on and share their appreciation and wonder of the natural world.

Tiny Seed is an online nature-focused journal publishing short fiction, poetry, art, and photography by emerging writers & artists.

We welcome your submission.

  • If the submission fees are a barrier to you sharing your work, please get in touch with us at info@tinyseedjournal.com

Tiny Seed’s mission is to support writers and artists by providing an online journal to showcase their work while giving back to nature.

We have donated 25% of submission fees to the following organizations.

We have planted over 570 trees from journal sales and submission fees.

Tiny Seed Literary Journal is a nature-based literary press fiscally sponsored by the Tiny Seed Project, Inc. 501(c)3.



Laura Stone is the co-founder and managing editor of Tiny Seed Press. She is passionate about creating publishing opportunities for emerging writers and artists. By day, she’s immersed in the nonprofit world as the creative director and director of development for Tiny Seed Project. She grew up in Amherst, Massachusetts hometown of poet Emily Dickinson and spent her childhood walking the Robert Frost trails, which inspired his poem “The Road Not Taken.”

Nature was her childhood stomping ground, and her world was filled with the poems and stories of Amherst’s vibrant literary community. She is a lover of words, a collector of typewriters, and an avid naturalist. She has led writing groups for years and looks to offer writing retreats and workshops through Tiny Seed Journal. She is dedicated to the growth and placement of the many seeds planted within this journal, may they support each writer & artist as they grow into full fruition.


Emily Cayer is the co-founder and managing editor of Tiny Seed Press. Emily grew up knee-deep in the streams, swamps, and lakes near her home in Amherst, Massachusetts. Exploring the woods on her horse, studying turtles and frogs, and helping salamanders cross the road in the spring, evolved into a career as a fish and wildlife biologist in Montana and as a Threatened, Endangered, and Diversity program coordinator with Alaska Fish and Game, until 2018.

After 24 years in the west, she returned east to northern Vermont – and lives in a small cabin on a 300-acre mountain top with her partner, dog, two donkeys, and wonder-mule, Sam. An avid bookworm and writer, Emily also enjoys baking bread, hunting and fishing, hiking, and learning to speak Mi’kmaq, the Algonquin language of the Northern Atlantic First Nations L’nu of eastern Canada.


Tiny Seed Literary Journal Interns:

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Tiny Seed Literary Journal Past Interns:

Soli Levi – Soli is a writer and is currently undertaking an internship at the Tiny Seed Journal. Her passion for poetry began in childhood as she grew up on the coasts of Greece and Turkey. After moving to Maryland, she released her first book of poems at the age of 12, selling the books door-to-door to raise money for a children’s charity. Her writing focuses on the relationships between people, nature, and place, and is enriched by her knowledge of 5 languages.

Soli now lives in Ireland, having just completed an MSc in Coastal and Marine Management in order to pursue a career promoting sustainable marine resource use. Previously, she worked as a Public Awareness Field Leader in a sea turtle conservation NGO in Greece. There, she was responsible for organising daily outreach activities and engaging with local communities to promote awareness of the importance of protecting loggerhead turtles and their natural habitat, as well as guiding a team of up to 25 international volunteers.

On top of her interests in nature and poetry, Soli also enjoys yoga, baking, travelling, and SCUBA diving.


Julie PlummerIs a recent graduate of Stanford, where she received a Bachelor’s in English with a Psychology minor. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Fine Arts in creative writing with Pacific University, where her focus is non-fiction.

She spent her life in the Northern California outdoors — exploring the trails near her childhood home, skiing in the Sierra Nevadas, hiking through Yosemite Valley — and much of the writing she does investigates the interactions between humans and nature and the way the natural world can help us heal from illness and trauma. During her undergraduate years, She fell in love with nature writers like Wendell Berry, Mary Oliver, and Annie Dillard, and is so excited to work with Tiny Seed in their mission to promote nature writers and advocate for our natural world.

Last summer, she interned at the Yosemite National Archives, where she was able to work with photographs and papers from throughout the Park’s history. She is looking forward to continuing to explore the relationship between the natural world and human beings through her work with Tiny Seed.

Beyond her interest in the natural world and in writing, she enjoys making music with her housemates, playing soccer, and cooking.


Jessica Scirocco – was born in Ridgewood, NJ and grew up in Hawthorne, NJ. She graduated with honors from William Paterson University, earning a BA in Art Studio with a minor in Creative Writing. Jessica Scirocco is a writer, painter, and designer whose work is playful, lush and intricate. She can find a story in simple acts like cleaning dishes, going for a walk in the forest and picking flowers. She believes finding beauty in peculiar things is where everyday magic can occur. She has been published in Tiny Seed Literary Journal, Plants & Poetry Journal, Ariel Publishing LLC and Eclectica Magazine.


Syd ShawSyd studied poetry and journalism at Northwestern University. She has previously written for Refinery29, and been published in Snapdragon Journal, Eclectica Magazine, Panoply Zine, The Nearness Project, and the London Reader. Her passions include witchcraft, indie music, and long-distance running. She lives in California, on the edge of the beautiful Angeles National Forest, with two cats and a snake.



We are currently working on creating an accredited internship program for students looking for experience working at a small independent press and online literary journal.

Please email us at info@tinyseedjournal.com (“internship inquiry” as the subject).

We look forward to hearing from you!


Assistant Editors:

Denise T. Barry – Denise’s journal writing has been a constant companion and source of inspiration all her life.  She has taught English as a second language, created a resource for teachers and parents on “Guided Imagery Relaxation for Children” and has self-published a children’s bedtime coloring/storybook entitled, “You Are Invited…”. Several of her poems have appeared in the We’Moon 2006 date calendar as well as the 30th-anniversary edition of the We’Moon Anthology.

Her interest in Astrology has brought her many opportunities to write Lunar reports that inspire awareness of the vast sky-scape. Denise has also enjoyed a long-time career as a teacher of Tai Chi, a movement art based on observing, learning from and imitating Nature.  She and her husband live on a hilltop in rural western Massachusetts.  They enjoy a view of Mt. Monadnock to the east and are surrounded by peach trees and apple orchards.


Robert Small – Robert’s passion for nature has been a constant partner throughout his life, the impetus for his globetrotting wanderlust, and an eternal source of peace. From the Arctic, Southeast Asia jungles, temperate rainforests, Middle East deserts, and beyond, he’s grown ever more grateful for the natural world.

His professional career as a wildlife biologist provided opportunities to gain insights on the life of critters, from Great Basin pocket mice to bowhead whales. Robert now lives in New England with his partner, and when not outside he’s learning the craft of Timber Framing, skiing, hiking, mountain biking, hunting, fishing, and being thankful for his amazing community.