when autumn falls upon me
and our wounds crust over
dried leaves swept in violent
the scarlet tones of violet

we push      the petals        forward

when autumn falls upon me
i stretch out towards the country
where sleeping hearts lie landlocked
where branches ache in memory

to firewood              burnt auburn

when autumn falls upon me
and white ash twigs creak low
i peel back my fortunes
to find
healed souls

a season i call            home

Poem by Lydia Falls

Lydia Falls is a writer and elementary school teacher who currently resides in Pound Ridge, NY. She lived abroad in South Korea and Taiwan for four years. Her poetry is rooted in reflection and self-discovery, an ongoing process shaped by travel, nostalgia, and fractured memories.

Photo by Warren Blake


  1. Lydia Falls! I’ve seen this poet’s work in our journals and she’s the real deal. Impassioned and nostalgic!

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