It Teaches

I always love observing
the magical elements in nature.

Our sun cannot be touched,
but the radiance caresses
with its nurturing warmth.

Water can be held
but if you attempt to grab tightly,
it will slip right out of your hands.

The wind is my favorite
because it cannot be seen,
yet, felt, as it teases and dances
around your being with its whispers.

Nature is consistently teaching us
to embrace without imprisonment.

Lati Will
Lati Will is a mystic poet, writer, and visionary deeply inspired by the poet seers of both past and present. Infinitely passionate about her craft, she is on a lifelong mission to awaken people to the countless beauties this life has to offer. From writing in the first page of her diary as a teenager, to channeling deeper meaning through the power of words as an adult, she feels called to create positive change that will continue impacting others for generations to come.

Currently, Lati serves as the Creatress — harnessing the wisdom she has cultivated throughout her spiritual journey, she answers spirituality-related questions and curates philosophical poetry and quotes that uplift, empower, and inspire.

Tiny Seed Literary Journal – Spring issue 2019