Cardinal Impulse

Splash of Crimson among the green
Out of sync with the breeze’s consequence
In tandem but also unsynced with Mate
Mate, the color of white socks
Washed with a Valentine’s sweater
Crested, but dulled by the biology of fecundity
Splash of Crimson dances and
Preens among the green
While Mate auditions nests

– Russell Willis

In 2019 I have had poetry published (or accepted for publication) by Snapdragon: A Journal of Art & Healing (March 2019), The Esthetic Apostle (February 2019 online issue), and The Write Launch (January 2019 online issue). I have also published non-fiction in the areas of ethics (focusing on ethics and technology); science, technology, and religion; and American political history. I also have two active blog series: Being Responsible in the Age of Social Media, Cryptocurrency, and Smart Weapons/ Cars/ Phones and Your Strategic Planning Coach.