Genesis Trio

Genesis Stor

It is time for renewal

It is time for cleaning, for a laying on of hands,

be washed by the snow as it melts, listen

only to the birdsong,

know no humans, know the Earth,

know no humans, know only the Earth,

the smell of the Earth, the heat of the Earth,

the smell of rot, the smell of a laying on of hands,

of flowers, of the flowers, the smell of a flower,

a flower who does not know your name,

a flower and you are a flower,

and the snow turns to rain, and the rain

turns to renewal and remains,

and remains in your eyes, and you continue to clean,

you must always continue,

and the rotting flowers you brush away to reveal bones,

the outline of a rabbit that remains and remains,

and it has been polished by melting snow, washed, and

from within it something moves and you lay your hands upon it


Among the buds is a baby, breathing

in the smell of the Earth, knowing only the Earth,




What the Bones Are Made Of

I wish to become like the Earth

Not interrupt and uninterrupted

Gentle and untamed

Able to disappear

I wish to disappear to humans and appear to the Earth

To become smell of wet moss, wet wood

for bones, frog friends, green flowers tangled,

tangles of vine and branch cleaned by green rain

that makes rivers of water unproven,

nothing to disease,

at home in lonely cries of the forest,

of jungle, of grass, home home home



Genesis Song

The rain the rain the rain

Grasses grasses grasses

Oh, shadow oh, shadow oh, shadow

The smell of the Earth

The smell of the Earth

The smell of the Earth

The Earth, The Earth, The


Oh Earth,


– Kathryn Ward

I am an English major at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, MN. My work has previously appeared in the Blue Marble Review, Up North Literary Journal, and Cathexis Northwest Press.