Brief Respite from the Rain

“She believes she is herself, which isn’t complete madness, it’s belief…
a surface of water in an uninhabited world…
you wouldn’t think of her form by thinking about water…”

–Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge


sidewalk portals still ponding
after the rain

shards reflect trunk & limbs
slight dawn of

sky peeks of pinks & blue
nimbus spring

scent of warm wood
steeps in still air

this morning my antithesis

into the pooled mirror
a better universe

straddled between seasons
the spectre of

a looking glass I gaze in
& remember I am

water in a younger world
I could disappear in concentric ripples

Poem and photograph by Chell Navarro

I hold an MFA in Poetry from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. My publications include Lily Poetry Review, Typishly, Bear Review, and Sprung Formal among others. For more information go to