The Waterfall

The well-worn trail follows the river
through the fern-covered forest floor
amongst great trees with greater canopies.

The steady roar of water
prompts the hiker to persevere.

Feet compress soil between roots
either young and tender
or old and firm
adding risk to the journey.

When the destination is reached
hikers stop with admiration
enjoying nature’s ions in misty air
while feasting on its great display.

poem by Gerald E. Greene

Author of “Kaleidoscope” poetry collection Published by CreateSpace, 2017 and “Turning Losing Forex Trades Into Winners” Published by John Wiley & Sons, 2008.
His blog is “Short Stories Rated G” on Facebook. His short stories or poems have been published in Guide Magazine, Insight Magazine, Compass Magazine, The Flash Fiction Press, Deronda Review and A Story in 100 Words and Jordan Journal Collective.