Small seeds within a face,
growing through flesh
like saplings bursting from soil.

A lilac from a nose –
purple rooted in cartilage –
A daffodil sprouts from a forehead –
a lily-white homage to death’s countenance
Written across the mind.

A rose bud delicately enlivens the cheeks –
an ode to fertility, a spring of Easter Sunday –
A daisy emerges from behind eye sockets –
a virginity of knowing indifference –
A Pyrenees blossoms from a mouth
unfolding unto itself like an optical illusion.

Bone crushed from roots,
Seeds sprinkle through pores,
Budding anew as cells shed and
Life bursts forth.

Poem by Tyler Grant

I am a lawyer and writer in New York. I am a graduate of Washington and Lee University and University of Virginia School of Law. I am an Eagle Scout and love the concept of leave no trace and that this journal cultivates a broader discussion about nature and our place in it.

Three poetry pieces of mine are forthcoming in Cathexis Northwest Press (March 2019 – ‘Splendor’, ‘Mongrel’, and ‘Postage Rate’).

My fiction will be featured on The Moth podcast for my “StorySlam” winning story “Rivals.” I was also accepted to attend the Kenyon Review 2019 Writers Workshop. My other written work can be found in USA Today, The Hill, and National Review, among others. I was also selected as 30 under 30 by the Washington Examiner.