I think sometimes in silence are sweet tales
because what else am I?
lying leaves, baring trees springing
wintered truth that haunts in the shadows of summer

Blindly, butterfly-searching youth slowly-
emerald meadows, return
to a place that is
not open,
a hollow
day on the verge of an echo
not the fragrant dream of
as you fly
or faint summer breezes
carefully watching
cooling, carrying as they race away

Will you finally speak
(the whispers of the woodland stop to listen
for you
Can you
feel the wind
slowly pounding
as it rests
When it leaves you it no longer moves
taken, gently blowing fragrance
from dew-driven flowers,
losing strength of a butterfly
(it carried not more
when your vision, me raging, stops me in the fields,
in the deadening silence
me imagine
that I take you
from a lonely return.

– Poem by Sam Kaspar.

I am a lover of nature also, and about one third of my poetry over the years is nature themed. I hope you will enjoy reading the enclosed submission of my work. I work as a doctor in Iowa, and am originally from Canada. I am an avid rower, hiker, and hobby writer.