Hushed Morning

The sun struggles to stand up tall, above the horizon.
The blue sky of morning drags behind the yellow rays,
Brushes away the purples of night.
Birds chirp, eagerly, beyond fogged window panes.
Leaves sway back and forth, giddily, ready to face the day.
Blades of grass bend slightly underneath the weight of the morning’s first cry.
Snuggled up in bed, blanket up to my nose,
I lie in sweet repose.
The memories of my dream quickly escape my mind.
I sigh.
My eyelids flutter open and shut,
For I’ve not quite left sleep behind.
The morning calls for silence.
It seems inappropriate to do more than softly mutter,
Or cautiously whisper.
One does not want to chase away the timid dawn.
It is a hushed morning.
During the cool, dark, damp, start of the day,
Time seems nonexistent.
It is in that moment where nothing matters,
We are unburdened for a fraction of the day.
Yes, indeed, a hushed morning.

-Poem by Cassandra Alfred.
Born in New York, Cassandra A. is a native of Rockland County. A college graduate, Cassandra is professionally a Registered Nurse. Despite this career choice, Cassandra’s passion is in writing poems and spoken-word pieces that inspire, bringing to light social issues. As she continues to explore the art form and hone her craft, she hopes that her works may reach a wider audience in the future.