Cultivating Joy

Chocolate eggs sprout in the yard
Armed with a whicker basket
You’re on the hunt
Tulips bloom in cascading colours
Red speckled with black
You pause
In awe of a new discovery
Gazing at your outstretched hand
Where a sign of Spring
Chose to land

Salty sunscreen hugs
I welcome Summer
Sand clinging to bare feet
You brave the chilly lake
To fill a pale of water
Enough to animate the castle’s moat
We watch the voyage of the paper boat

The sun escapes
Its cloud blankets
Dulling the crispness of the wind
Rubber boots squish into wet grass
As you bound in the forest
Of crimson leaves
To hide behind an elderly Maple
Jumping out before you’re found
You fall
With a tumble
Into muddy ground

Little fists pound on the glass
Counting snowflakes
You bring your jacket
Seeing your smile, I oblige
Not long before your cheeks are pink
You press the snow between your mittens
Laughing out with glee
Barron trees around us waken
Nurtured by your energy

– Sofia Martimianakis

Sofia Martimianakis is an avid hiker, writer and photographer. She completed her undergraduate degree in Literary Studies at the University of Toronto and her MA at Waterloo.



  1. This was a heart warming and joyous read! Great work! Will definitely be sharing with my friends and family! Thanks for sharing! Cheers!

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