The Watershed of Hemlock Lake

She calls her waters down—
pond and stream and spring—
and they seep as frogs peep
when we slosh
In deep puddles
spilling forth.

Rain drips among the thorn
of briar rose. Creeks rise;
the rushes sway as water runs
through gas well ruts, smoothing stone,
carrying mud across the marks of deer
in the long grass;
streaming across the sodden pastures,
damming among beaver’s logs
but driven still—
with her will.

poem by Patricia Thrushart


Patricia Thrushart has published two books, Little Girl Against The Wall, and Yin and Yang. Her work appears regularly in The Watershed Journal, a regional literary magazine of Northwestern Pennsylvania, and on the websites Dark Horse Appalachia and North/South Appalachia. Her poems have been published in Tiny Seed, The Brookville Mirror, Clarion University’s Tobeco, The Avocet, Still Point Arts Quarterly, The Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Feminine Collective, and The Pennsylvania Poetry Society’s Magazine PENNESSENCE. She is an active member of the local writers’ community, presenting workshop sessions and participating in live poetry readings.