Love Poem to a Mushroom

Tiny turkey-tail treasures
etched with essence
of earth. Color
of northwest sea-forest
southwest desert-dirt.
Lines of landscape as seen
from sky and iridescent
dragonfly eye. Fuzzy
to my fingers, who turn
these trinkets into tinctures
and tea. Rainbow fruit
of mycelial root
on deadwood, delight.
Little lignin lover.
Growing here
with fragile might.
A wonder to discover.
Sucking life direct
from life.


-Alex C. Eisenberg

Alex C. Eisenberg is a child of the Pacific Northwest. She sees writing as a form of activism and hers is rooted in deep relationship to people and place. Alex’s poetry has been featured in About Place Journal and River Heron Review. In 2016, she was the recipient of the Black Dog Literary Arts Coalition’s Chapbook Prize for her debut chapbook, “Holy Ground.” Alex currently find herself writing, rooting, grieving, and dancing at the converging currents of the Quimper Peninsula, surrounded by the Salish Sea. Follow her work at