Ladybug, Ladybug

Roly-poly firebug,

round as a gumdrop,

alights on a jumper,

blazing like Lucifer.


She glows, all splotched

with hot coal dots–

bright button stitched

on a Sunday frock.


Haughty, gaudy,

she flashes her spots,

mincing slowly

to a gap in the cloth.


Missy shrieks,

& the gremlin flees,

the Lord’s Day igniting

with arson wings.


-Dan MacIssac

For 10 years I served on the board of the University of Victoria’s Environmental Law Centre. My poetry has appeared in many journals, including The South Carolina Review, The Malahat Review, The MacGuffin, and The American Journal of Poetry. Brick Books published my collection, Cries from the Ark in 2017. My website is