Meeting the Dawn

quabbinfallPatti Castagne is a photographic artist living on Long Island, New York. Her work has been featured in exhibitions in the United States and local publications. She began photography about 10 years ago as a tool to heal from the experience of PTSD from the military and 9-11. Photography provides a means of meditation to come into the moment by simply looking through the viewfinder. That view provides a grounding, the ability to just be in that place and capture whatever I am feeling or going through in that moment. It can also bring me to a peaceful place if I’m in another moment; another time. Outside noises and distractions cease except for the sounds right here.

She was previously a business analyst in the financial sector for over 20 years. She plans to take her business experience and love of photography and continue to create beautiful landscapes to assist in the healing of self and others through workshops for survivors, veterans and photography lovers. Patti has been studying the fine art of Photography at Long Island University and will be graduating with her BFA in Photography in the Spring, 2019. Photography has unsealed the right side of her brain to heal and has allowed the artist to emerge.