Digital Age Pobiz

Thanks to Chestnut Review’s debut


I’ve been writing and submitting

for publication maybe a decade

plus or minus

                       during which time

manual process has d/ evolved from

printing paper then sending stuff

off in envelopes after

                   stamps licked to now

simply hitting, Send on computer

which waaay simpler procedure


                  maaassive increases

in verse traffic sorta like college

applications flooding Admissions

Departments –which

                            stretched simile

doesn’t hold a candle to metaphors

about artistic stubbornness in face

of accompanying

                  proportionately greater

odds of rejection that sadly include

this one about bad chestnut blight

wiping out four

                  billion (billion!) trees in

North America during early years of

last century but doesn’t kill all stumps.

So post those forests

                               ensuing cut down,

in many places these stumps still boost

young shoots over and over, and when

some get old enough

                    disease hits they die but

generate another not far from deciduous

roots: given bills/ jobs real-life intrusions,

better images for Stubborn

                                 we haven’t yet seen.


– Gerard Sarnat