Huon Pine

A lock of enchantment, the Huon Pine Forest

thrives, its golden wood now left untouched

by the forest’s logging boys, Casanovas of

money, the ones who once were allowed

to level the flaxen giants. A portion of the

thievery lies in a nearby river, jungle-coated

artistes sketching on papyrus priceless objects

wanted by visitors to the site, the artists’

renditions kissed with the scent of huon pine.


-Claire Feild



Claire Feild has had 450 poems accepted for publication in 134 print journals and anthologies such as The Tulane Review; The Carolina Quarterly; and Literature Today. Her first poetry book is Mississippi Delta Women in Prism. Her first nonfiction book is A Delta Vigil: Yazoo City, Mississippi, the 1960s.