And the Trees Dance

The forest breathes into the silences

and the sounds

…the bellows of the gods


Life breathing in


in the peace of nature…the infinite now


This deep inhale…the precious regeneration of the soul

the spirit’s manifold aliveness

in silence, in silence


Save for one lone chirp lilting from the treetops

and a bird taking flight…

…soaring…gliding…to the clouds


Foretelling the glorious exhale

eternally…eternally welcome

that rhythmic rustling breath


The song of the forest…the sweet breeze of life

rustling the trees…lifting them higher and higher

 the leaves, the branches, the vitality


It’s a sweet soft symphony

the life-breath of soul- sounds…

each tiny branch moving with the air


And the trees dance

bowing their branches in grace

…raising them in celebration


In unison they rejoice

into the rhythm, into the wisdom…

of this lush verdant world


Then, that glorious pause…

the rest -note exploring eternity

dwelling in the expansive silent inhale


Save for the one lone chirp

and a beautiful bird flying from its perch

liberated into the clouds…once again.


-Judith Ellen Sanders


Judith Ellen Sanders is a full-time writer and painter with a Master of Science degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Her poetry has been published in The New York Times, Chaleur Magazine, In/Scape Magazine, and by the Origami Poems Project. Her website can be found at