Think of the Trees

I wonder

have you ever thought about a tree?

the roots that travel deep into the dirt

holding secrets

the trunk that stands firm

keeping it safe when the wind

tries to blow it down

the branches and leaves that sway



making it beautiful

making it unique

making it special

have you ever thought about a tree?

the hundreds of years of




everything it’s overcoming

everything it overcame

you might have thought about a tree

but I wonder

have you ever thought about me?


-Liza Stone


Liza Stone is a newer writer who uses her words to help not only herself, but others through their struggles. Stone strives to be a voice for those who are too scared to speak for themselves. She enjoys drawing from raw emotions that others might stray from. Through listening to others, she has been able to develop different tones in her writing, and hopes to continue to show others that they are not alone, no matter what they think.