Swarm (green darners feeding)

Every evening

they draw me down to the water

where I stretch out my arms

with my head bent back

and stand in the center of a storm,

thousands of dragonflies,

flitting, darting, circling,

coming so close I can

hear their wings,

a hum, a hungry wind

against my skin,

this spectacle I long to join,

another bejeweled dancer moving to a symphony

written on the air,

our appetite never satisfied,

the score of life performed

by every cell.


-Steve Brammell

Steve Brammell has written for Alabama Magazine, Birmingham Magazine, and other publications in the past. Since returning to his native Indiana he’s published poems in RavensPerch, Northwest Indiana Literary Journal, White Wall Review, The Tiny Seed Literary Journal, The Write Launch, Flying Island Journal, Cathexis Northwest Press, and others. He lives in Indianapolis and works in the wine business.

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