Autumn Blitz 

Wondering winds transcended upon treetops

     Layers of light reflected –  hues of red, orange and yellows splashed brilliance

               off the lively leaves in their dancing descent of the Fall Flight!

The reality of each fluttering movement was a spectacular solo-

While color and depth wove the tapestry together as a perfect ensemble.

A performance surely never to be adequately replicated through any camera lens

only able to be fully appreciated through a cellular masterpiece of the human eye.

This magnificent show can be experienced for your enjoyment by meandering

        into the great realm of a wooded area on a sunny Autumn day-

                 Look up, Open up your eyes-

                              live it…



-Vyonne V


Expressing the gifts of living life as well as moments which don’t always feel like blessings through words and photographs is what Yvonne enjoys. She is working on ways to improve and share these arts. One of her poems, titled “Poetry, Prose, and Folly,” was published on Submittable’s, “Submittable-Centric” poetry contest website- a few other pieces are currently awaiting decision.

Potomac Plush and  Queen of the Hill

photos by Vyonne V