The Cracked Chestnut Tree

When I behold what you’ve been to me

I stand alone

far beneath this place

we’ve felt and known.

Where every bitter root leaves

its scar for the sky to feast on.


Pages and pages,

parched and weathered by time. 

This wandering eye of vast white space

This laying aside of all my dreams.

My scattered voltage syntax

laying waste to my downward schemes.


But like the lonely star

that eats and starves for eternity,

my Heroine and I will surrender

to the universe.


Dear Reader,

This is our final moment

of denouement.

Deus Ex Machina

without a trap door

to greet us and


in the leaves of this yellowed copy of Jane Eyre

a tree will rise to meet us.


-Patricia Gott


Patricia Gott is a denizen of Lake Superior who returned to her native state of Wisconsin because she pined for the open water and deciduous trees of her youth. Pat has taught English and creative writing at the University of WI- Stevens Point since 2002 and her poems have been published in Aqueous, Free Verse and the Mozie among other journals.