Lake Kintaus

On an island in Finland we rowed
Into afternoon sun promising
Forever gone in its elliptical mold
With no other soul to disturb its whole
No men to trample on the delicate shoreline
Where ruffling waves wedded sun-kissed sand
And birch trees trembling leaves joined in this midsummer breeze
On the island in the middle of Kintaus lake, we landed
Our paddle boats and single malt towed away in the boat
An illusion now it seems, a magical mystery tour
The beginning of the end of summer and more
An adventure to be taken on alone
On an island with a beach where lovers meet and no one to teach you how and when and why to weep.

-Marion Panizzon

Marion Panizzon is a legal scholar with the University of Bern, Switzerland. Her work has taken her to assisting individuals with disabilities to choose their care schemes and to run their own accounting of government-assisted services.
Her poems were taken up by the Swiss Poets’ Association and Marion won an entry for the 2020 Lyrical Calendar. Her non-fiction has been published by Bloomsbury, Routledge, Palgrave and Cambridge University Press.
Marion was raised on the banks of lake Michigan close to Chicago. French is her first language. She spent formative years of research and writing in North Carolina.
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