Ocean Breeze

Wonders from the ocean I glimpsed last year
Are calling me back, alone this time
No camera, no crowd.

Let me lie next to the water, let gravity pull my limbs,
Ocean’s echo liberates me from wanting more
Let me stay there,
until she confides in me what she has to say.

Let me shatter into sand,
Let her tides cradle me back and forth
When she pours me within her silence
She will leave me clean.

Deep down in the ocean blue,
I am a piece of sand
A newborn nirvana.

“SaraSwoti comes from Alberta, Canada. She is a life celebrator and loves exploring beyond her world. She draws inspiration from nature and people around her. She is an optimist and a continuous spiritual learner. She serves as a board member with Parkland Poets and her poems have appeared around Canada, India, USA, UK and Nepal.”