Ailanthus as Metaphor

“Looks like the bamboo
didn’t survive the winter
but the horseradish
is thriving and there’s life
in the roses’ roots”

he carts woodchips
around the garden
then moves the gooseneck
next to the moonflower
as I sink deeper into my chair

“it got too much sun
by the bachelor’s-buttons
the last tulips are blooming
did you smell the sage”

some of last year’s seeds
have rooted by the gate
red romaine, echinacea
the tree of heaven

“in five years that tree
will split the concrete”

I can’t wait


– Poem by Dawn Corrigan

Dawn Corrigan’s poetry and prose have appeared widely in print and online. Her masthead credits include Western Humanities Review, Girls with Insurance, and Otis Nebula, where she currently serves as assistant editor. She works in the affordable housing industry and lives in Myrtle Grove, FL. Find her online at