My Prayer

I pray that the cotton swan always drifts with untethered feathers amidst the sun streaked pond;

That nature always transports beauty to my heart;

I pray the swan outweighs the ugliness of a barren field with no rainbow in sight or the staunch smell,of burning fires;

I wrap my arms around the majestic oak with my feet solid to the ground;

I Pray I feel its energy bathing my body in God’s thoughts of creation and manner

I pray that the creamy polar bears have ice to slither across and snow to play in;

I pray that bees suck and squeeze the juice out of a buttercup in spring;

I Pray for all beasts housed in the ark like the covenant story proclaimed;

I pray that nature and animals do not succumb to changes in climate and waterfalls never cease;

May they bring a sense of wonder to my eyes and those sensing it’s mist upon the face;

Nature will survive with prayer and hands poised to the heart beneath a cloudless sky;

-Kathleen Nicosia

Kathleen Nicosia earned a BA in English and an MSW. She now uses her poetry and music to help special education students for 32 years. Retired now she has continued to write,take writing classes, and speak publicly.