hands of souls applauding

autumn leaves pull our eyes upward,
hands of souls applauding, waving goodbye in a celebration of life.

each organism is fed by veins,
with rib-like fingers and vibrant webbed flesh.

fall fanfare scatters beneath our feet,
softening our steps, shielding plants from winter,
begging us to pick and preserve them.

their stories feed the earth,
fueling trunks,
the carriers of souls eternal.

those gone before us
return in spring to protect us from rain and sun,
perpetual reminders of their love.

-Tracey Ahrens

Tracy Ahrens of Illinois has been a journalist and editor for newspapers, magazines and websites for over 25 years. She is also an artist and author of eight books, including four children’s books. As of 2020, Tracy had won 66 writing awards statewide, locally and nationally. She is a member of the Illinois Woman’s Press Association, National Federation of Press Women, Cat Writers’ Association and the Dog Writers Association of America.
Tracy has published two books of poetry through Finishing Line Press titled “Nature will heal” (2012) and “I am” (2017). Her poetry has also appeared in various literary magazines across the country.
You can learn more about her work at http://www.tracyahrens.weebly.com