Forest Portrait

I. the forest

In the forest’s design,
mistakes are kings of art.
A tree bends, a bow to
unintention; a rock
dies, fallen plan without

II. night storm

The night storm is a bold
summoning of shadows.
Lightning strikes, entreating
the forest’s rage; thunder
hurls, a bellicose plea of

III. impasse

Fire starts where silence
stakes its claim to stasis.
A twig breaks, heat crackles
in provocation; warmth
ignites, all impasse burns


Poem By Alexandria Barbera

Alexandria Barbera holds a BA in English Literature from Queen’s University and an MTS from McMaster Divinity College. She was a poetry finalist for the Utmost Christian Writers contest in 2016, and her work has also appeared in The Caravel Journal, The Other Journal, and Women In Theology. She is the managing editor at EcoTheo Review.