Nature’s Front Row Seats

As the moon shivers,
awaiting dawn’s morning smile
Stars dance in the northern sky
A silky cloak of moonlight teases starward gazers.

Northern lights weave their beauty,
A Picasso from the heavens,
Shimmering bands of glowing ambers and greens
Perform a visual symphony for you and I

Harmony and melody without sound
Hearts beating in time, shatter the silence
From nature’s front row seats
In the prairie wheatfields,
of my mind.

-Greg Turlock

Greg Turlock is a published poet, author and photographer. His credits include “Rivers of Life”, award-winning poem from the 2019 Alberta Arts Awards, “From the Deep End”, a column that ran in the Edmonton Journal’s Country Asides. Greg has just released his first novel “Hightops in the Snow”.