Today they’re on my old oak tree
a swarm of sparrows suspended
on brittle branches.

Feathers fluffed into round balls
they resemble Christmas baubles,

some stare down at a smorgasbord
of twigs, seeds and grass, while others
scout the crystal blue, where

a priestly trio of white-collar geese
squawk and honk gliding past them

suddenly, Sparrow hawk swoops
and sprays the sparrows like pellets,
parting in a haze of feathers.


Poem by Alice G. Waldert

Alice G. Waldert is a poet, short-story writer, and memoirist. Her poetry has been published in the Voice of Eve magazine and will have a short-story published in an anthology by Flying Ketchup Press title, “Tales from the Dream Zone.” She is currently working on her memoir.