Miss Little Mint

A dream of the past
The plant
of the future
She is growing so fast!
You will take over the garden
Smelling so sweet
With water to go around
You will help us eat!
Let us sit down
Chairs to the floor
I think you need soil
A little, I am sure
I think you are thirsty
Houubii *
Here have some more!

* Houubii translates to “my love” in Darija.


Poem by Jamie Nix

Jamie Nix has been writing poetry since 2003 and continues practicing as a therapeutic exercise. She writes about topics to include love, human rights, and her relationship with prayer, and our soil. She serves as co-founder, writer, editor, and organizer for Plants and Poetry, a small business in Bentonville, AR, while she lives in Rabat, Morocco with her husband, Tariq, and their dog River. Plants and Poetry connects poets and gardeners around the world and every plant sold comes with a poem that teaches one how to care for the plant. Some of their plants and poems are in this chapbook.

More information can be found here: www.plantsandpoetry.org

You can connect with Jamie on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamie-nix/