The Fruit of the Buzz

Made from a collaboration of nectar- collected by bees
Processed inside their hive – by natural biological means.

Food for bees, fuel for humans-
Containing bioactive plant compounds and antioxidants…
Organic acids and flavonoids
Eye health-cholesterol balance?
Benefitting blood flow to and fro’ the human heart.
Antibacterial- Anti-inflammatory?
Powerful abilities to heal skin and nourish tissues.
Natural honey for the athlete improves performance…
And don’t we all have a candle to burn..?
With wick which will effectively metabolize a slow fructose burn,
rather than a quick glucose fire to leave our body exhausted -yearning for more.
And if these wondrous possibilities excite the dendrites
of your brain cells to the point of wakefulness in bed…
Spoon this delectable golden compound into your cup of chamomile-
Experience it’s tryptophan triggered response of serotonin-
Sure to induce any over active mind into relaxation mode.

Wait, what is this? Prebiotics??
This buzz word relates to natural honey?
Oh sweet bees, my digestive tract is humming-
My mitochondria are running…
Outside to plant more flowers, fruits and trees-
Thankful for God’s natural gift-the busyness of bees.

-Poem and Photograph by Yvonne V

Layers of life and natural beauty encompass our human experience each day, Yvonne enjoys the challenge of expressing brief moments in time through photographs and written words. Last year her poem entitled, “Autumn Blitz,” was published in the Tree Issue of Tiny Seed Literary Journal, as well as two photographs. Her poem, “Poetry, Prose and Folly,” was featured in Submittable’s, Submittable-Centric poetry contest. Yvonne is currently working to develop and share her works with whomever may be interested, one piece at a time.
She can be twittered at Yvonnev@Yvonnev64960533