White-winged doves/Palomas de alas blancas

border crossers from Western Mexico
in the hottest time of year
for the bloom, the fruiting
of saguaros

moving from flower
to creamy white flower
sipping nectar
pushing pollen as they go

blossoms morph
serving rich ruby sweets
serious with seeds
all of a feather feast

Sonoran desert heat speaks
buzz drone cicadas—las cigarras
cucurrucucú, paloma
these arms reach out to you

Poem by Lisa Periale Martin

Lisa Periale Martin is a poet, writer, librarian, mariachi aficionado, and former migrant farmworker. Her writing is steeped in the essence and wonder of the Sonoran Southwest.

Photograph by Daniel Buckley

Daniel Buckley has worn many hats. Known for his work as a journalist, music writer, historian, and documentary maker, he is also an accomplished photographer, videographer, composer, performance artist and sound designer.

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