Amongst the wildflowers, I sit.
The sun rises above the trees
and the blooms wake up.

A buzz grows around me.
Carpenter bees by the dozens and
the prettiest bee fly you can ever imagine drink
from the lemon flowered Cup Plant.
The cupped leaves cradle water and a camouflaged tree frog.

The butterflies join in.
Tiger Swallowtails
Silver-spotted Skippers
Zabulon Skippers, forest-edge lovers,
just like me. Kin.

The sun grows warmer and
the ray and disk florets of False Sunflower waft
scents of nectar and pollen. Twin tiny beetles
rest on the ray florets.
One red.
One black.
A tiny hoverfly sits on another. A whole community
right here on this one flower branch.

On another,
twin plant hoppers rest on the stem,
both oriented towards Earth.

My eyes witness the life.
My heart roots in the life.
My spirit grows.



Poem by Jennifer Kleinrichert

Jennifer Kleinrichert is captivated by the world around her and finds nowhere makes her happier than the outdoors. She loves to travel to wild places and works to recreate that wildness along with her husband on their formerly mowed 3.5 acres. You can find her at