Song of Thanks

The butterfly drifts in a
kaleidoscope of dreams.
Stirring our imagination
with songs of eternal summer.
Imprinting life’s lessons
from flower to flower.
Its’ delicate wonderment
propels us to look to the sun
and give thanks to all that must
be loved and cherished.
As it flutters off into the sunset
birds begin to sing
their evening songs
and we are transformed


-Michelle Oram

Michelle Oram is a published author; her book Songs of the Woods encourages children to begin and end each day with a song from the heart. Her new book The Healing Powers of Nature & Music to be published this year will help adults explore ways nature and music can heal, balance and empower their own uniqueness. She recently just finished a book of poems titled NATURESCAPES paths less travelled which she hopes will be published by the end of 2020. When not writing Michelle is singing with her jazz band …and All That Jazz and performing her Jazz Poetry. Checkout her website: and blog-