Through the Eyes of Nature: example poem “And I, a Lemon”

Oh, glorious Mediterranean breeze on my skin!
Oh, searing sun that simmers my insides into sharp, sweet juice!
I hang from my head in blind ecstasy – I need no eyes
For I see every cloud and bee and wave with my whole being

And I welcome the ripe fall to Earth as I welcomed my growing
For decay is a new beginning: in death I bring life,
And in that life my essence will be carried
From seed to seed
So that truly
I am immortal.

Poem by Soli Levi


Through the Eyes of Nature –
Submissions open Aug 24 – Sept 7, 2020

This is not a contest. It’s a race. A race against time, to write new stories while honouring the old.

We are living in a time of crisis – of climate, of faith in ourselves, of our bond to nature. We might feel helpless or think it is out of our hands, but there is so much we can — and need — to do during this time.

“In such a moment, writers, artists, poets and storytellers of all kinds have a critical role to play.” – Paul Kingsnorth

We don’t want you to just step outside your own shoes. We want you to step outside your human form. Be something else– a soaring falcon, a dormant seed, a thundering river, a thousand-year-old glacier that has just begun to melt, a ripe apple just about to fall from its branch.

Write us a poem, take a photograph, show us a new perspective, weave a story in which we are but a small strand. So step outside yourself. What can you learn? And what will you teach us?

· Tell a story from a non-human perspective – this can include poems, short stories, and photographs
· The non-human perspective encompasses everything from animals and plants to mountains and stones to clouds and rain
· A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to ARCHELON (The Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece)