A Butterfly Came to Stay

It sat down on my shoulder for a moment.
Its beautiful azure blue violet colors
shining and surrounding my skin with light
that permeated it ever so gently.
I walked along carefully on my path.
The butterfly surprising me,
staying close.
It seemed to sense I was different
and wished it no harm.
Enjoying its company,
I sat down at the water’s edge.
The sun burning strong,
warming my arms where the butterfly
cradled it’s slender body.
I wanted to cry knowing how fleeting and bittersweet this time together was.
I closed my eyes in sacred prayer,
opening them only seconds later to discover
my winged friend had taken flight.
Alone again on my own journey
I couldn’t help but smile.
The world opens up to us in so many ways.
And the real miracles occur in our hearts,
both constant and changing
and ever free.

By Rita Joy Scavo

Rita Joy’s work has been featured in Caveat Lector, The Furious Gazelle and The Avalon Literary Review. The author’s love of words began as a child with poetry a life long obsession. When not writing Rita enjoys walks out in the wetlands near her home in Hamilton, NY. She is often accompanied by her neighbor’s very unusual orange cat, a delightful companion and intrepid explorer called Slapshot.