Sappho in the Garden

Early morning pale light
Cool of sweet wind
Sappho in her loveliness
Bends to the soft earth
Crocus bloom
Pink cream lavender
Narcissus kisses dawn
Golden graceful trumpets
Singing Gaia’s song

Strength of oak scent of cypress
Bitterness and blossom of oleander
Tender fire of apple dust
Glimpsed in a serpent’s eye
She kneels and kisses music
Woman out of time
She is one here in the garden
Nourished by the green and growing
Sweet breast of earth divine

Trees and singing birds
Water blessing stone
Other flowers bloom
Over ancient bones
Little sisters come
Maidens of the morning
Small lovely growing
Listen to them sing
Poems from Sappho’s garden
Songs from Gaia’s spring



-Maureen Teresa McCarthy


Poet/Writer Maureen Teresa McCarthy is a FingerLakes NY native, published in BloomLater, Comstock Review, Persimmion Tree, Plum Tree Tavern, others. Her work focuses on myth and the natural world.