Sweet Honey

braided wick welcoming
match spark of heat
each entwined strand
drawing fire
combusting flame
igniting light
swaying to whims of
nudging shadows
this way and
pulsing against
cylindric wall
falling into a golden pool
imbued with memories of
last spring’s abundance
when bees tasked with the work
of pollination created sweet honey
tucked into combs sealed with a wax kiss
who knew the fanning of bees’ wings
turning flowers’ nectar to liquid delight
would echo as desire
when entwined bodies spark
in a candle lit dark


-Anne Richardson

Anne Richardson is a chaplain, spiritual companion, and labyrinth facilitator. She founded Nurture Your Journey, LLC in 2016 to accompany people on their journeys through grief and loss and life transitions. The wisdom found in the natural world is one of her primary teachers in the realm of grief and is often reflected in her blog (http://nurtureyourjourney.net/blog-nurture-your-journey.) She has been published in the online journal, VoiceCatcher, and was a 2nd place recipient of the Willamette Writers Kay Snow award in 2017.