Butterfly Soldier

The Admiral wanders with his second,
labyrinthine dusts and hum of the lilacs,

covered in worker bees, Painted Ladies
and Peacocks, drawn in by the glamour,

the scent and a map, coded in ultra violet
for the seekers, where the butterfly friendly

gardener, deadheads often, and so the Admiral
feeds well, sees his troops folded in favour,

dotted with colour and dusted with pollen,
all in a summer workaday mood, and when

they have rested awhile, they fly on and away,
dream again, dream wild, of food in full plenty,

a lilac bright morning and a fine flying day.


Poem by Sarah Wallis

Sarah Wallis is a poet and playwright based in Scotland. Medusa Retold is due from @fly_press Dec 2020, a long-form narrative poem retelling the myth from Medusa’s point of view. Recent work is at Thimble and Lunate or you can find links at sarahwallis.net, she tweets @wordweave.

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