White mushroom

The air was heavy and humid
As we boarded, shaking the white, fluffy seeds,
The bus driver chuckled:

If it’s not diesel smoke you’re breathing in it’s the Cottonwood Trees.

I listen to sad Americana style songs and 90s grunge;

I am
Alone like a
Mushroom growing by moonlight


A man on a plane tells the other man that he is a veteran
He was in Spain, and he lived in a city between two mountains with a bridge that took 45 years to build
On the way to the airport we saw the sun rise
Pink and blue staggered stripes

I would like to wrap myself in that color

I am in the town now—
A red house sits,
Ivy around the door.

I have walked by this house my whole life, the ivy moves to the roof
The house submits—
Entangled. Intertwined nonetheless

I walk
To the ocean in the early evening—
I like the colors of a beach
There is an ocean deep inside the Earth,

Inside of you—
It rises with the moon.
Waxing with inhaled breath,
Waning with exhales

There is an ocean, and it is mostly undiscovered
But every so often,
We are surprised
By the life in it.


-Nina Knorr

Nina Knorr is a young professional living in the Madison, Wisconsin area. She loves reading, writing, and true crime. She works with nonprofit organizations, youth, and has long-time passions for education and writing. When she’s not working, you can find her out hiking with her pup Lucille, cooking, and traveling.