Magic Moss

Green moss

Hike through the mountain
forest of evergreens,
amble down the winding path
where rain falls often,
where clouds bathe
the woods in vapor.
Visit the variety
of lush patches of moss
accenting the forest floor.
See how they wrap green
skirts around tree trunks
draping their raised
roots like a bridal train.
Kneel on a bryophyte blanket
soft as Bermuda grass, inviting
you to touch with your toes.
Gently press the leafy mat
and watch it bounce back
as if spring-loaded.
Test its tickling texture,
feel how it invites you
to sit and relax and dream.
Pretend its magical,
that you can sail on it
above the treetops
and soar with eagles.
Zoom to faraway places,
to worlds and galaxies
distant and mystical
where scenes mesmerize
your mind and rich
possibilities excite the spirit.


-Wesley Sims

Wesley Sims has published three chapbooks of poetry: When Night Comes, 2013; Taste of Change, 2019; and A Pocketful of Little Poems, 2020. His work has appeared in Artemis Journal, Connecticut Review, G.W. Review, Liquid Imagination, Plum Tree Tavern, Novelty Magazine, Poem, Poetry Quarterly, Bewildering Stories, and others.