Moss & Mushroom Flash Fiction


“A rolling stone gathers no moss” or so the saying goes. But what does it mean? A Google search reveals a definition from Oxford Languages: “A person who does not settle in one place will not accumulate wealth or status, responsibilities or commitments.” From these two statements, we can infer that moss may be a good thing. The dream dictionary online, thinks differently. “A dream of moss represents a dislike of having to accept something about yourself or your life. Accepting an unpleasant, slow progression.” Moss is a symbol of money. Symbolically, it means patience. It’s something that thrives when left alone or kept our of the sun. Moss is the problem, the answer, and the situation. It is 2020 in a spore.

-Leslie D. Soule

Leslie D. Soule is a fantasy author who recently completed her Fallenwood Chronicles 4-book series. She holds an M.A. from National University, and is a citizen journalist.