Poison You I Will

leaf, growth, flora

Incognito is my specialty,
Hidden among ordinary leafy greens,
I wait for my prey to fall victim to me,
I do not discriminate, but sporadically endure,
For left unattended will wildly continue to emerge.

I take on many forms depending on the time,
Muggy or parched, drip or deluge, frosty or frozen bitterness,
All have no effect on me,
I simply prevail to be.
Just one little-known kiss will affect you with an uncontrollable itch.

But, do not feel helpless, for knowledge weakens my ability.
I may disguise myself as a vine, ground or climbing,
Remember clusters of three defines my identity,
But beware, for my leaves take on different shapes,
For deception increases my success rate.

Do not fret,
You may find, these help tips are sublime.
Do not burn or even touch simply without a layer, or three,
If you must remove me, do it from afar with a sprayer or call for expertise.

If exposed,
Dispose of clothes and wash thoroughly,
For time is of the essence.
With this knowledge, I have warned, for it lurks in the lush.


By Devin Farmer

Devin is a full-time correctional officer and student with a passion for writing and reading literature in all written forms and genres.