Elegy for Snowy

Ghost echoes of moon-glass shimmered,
stars turned upside down, tangled rainbows
draped the clouds, and from two beaches away,
I sensed she was near the bitter and sweet passage
where we dogs dream-sweep our way into heavenly hearts.
I ran down the shore and we romped one last time
across the sand, tails wagging in sync as always.


Poem by Meg Freer

Meg Freer grew up in Montana and now lives with her family in Kingston, Ontario, where she teaches piano and music history. She enjoys outdoor activities year-round, photography, and running, and wishes she had more time for writing poetry. In 2017 she won a fellowship and attended the Summer Literary Seminars in Tbilisi. Meg’s published poems and photos can be found on her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010014006034