Every mid-summer July blooms the wild bergamot.
And in southeast Minnesota, it often is found a lot.
The round flowers are lavender-ish pink.
Come out to the prairie and see what you think.

It has a minty smell, and the bees like to visit them.
They are about a yard long, to the end of their stem.
They are often found in groups or bunches.
Come out to the prairie and bring your lunches.

The coneflowers also bloom about the same time.
Show me your favorites, and I’ll show you mine.
Glad it’s a native plant, not an invasive pest.
Come out to the prairie and see it in its best!

Poem by J. M. Allen

I am a 50-year old, who recently started writing a bunch of rhyming poems (the best kind?). I have three kids who are approximate teenagers, and give much inspiration for poetry!