Sparrow Street

Two sparrows on branch close up photography

A riot of sparrows in the hedge,
Busy, querulous, all a chatter,
Fluffed plump, nosy, never dull,
Heads jut out past leaf and stem.

A jaunty world of bustle and flit,
Room to fly inside the green,
Soothed light and gleam of luscious leaves,
Rising sap and rippling wings.

Like pebbles shined by mountain streams,
Brown feathers glow with joie de vivre,
Inside the hedge is bright with life,
As rain greys in the outside street.

Somehow through the looking glass,
I share the space and move within,
The hedge is warm and holds the sun,
Light tinted here to bright chartreuse.

A quivering whirl of tiny plumes,
Their chests puffed proud in sprightly song,
A song flung wide but never known,
This city from a different view.


Poem by Helena Michalacopoulos

Helena lives in the city but loves to find wildlife in its parks and streets. She has two cats who often show her her own neighbourhood through new eyes. She works with students with additional needs and enjoys watching the world go by from coffee shops.